I Love (Heart) Shirt Affiliate Program at Cafepress

Join our Heart Shirt affiliate program and start earning money

Become an affiliate and earn cash by linking to our store! Joining our affiliate program is free and easy. Make 20% off each sale you refer. So if a shirt costs $20 you will earn $4 for each sale of that shirt, all for just adding a banner or text link on your web site, in your forum signiture, or in your blog or myspace.

To be an affiliate you need to sign up at Cafepress [our partner who makes this all possible] Simply follow the link to Cafepress, sign up and they will give you a PID number. Write down the PID number and come back to this page and we will give you the info you need to set up your links.

Step 1. Create an account with Cafepress.

Step 2. Create links to our site.

Step 3. Install the links in your blog, web site, forum signature, or myspace site and earn cash for each sale!


Create Links

To create text links, you'll need your "PID" (partner ID) number that you got when you signed up as an affiliate at CafePress.

To Create an Affiliate Text Link to This Shop: Copy and paste the the code below on your webpage, or in blog or myspace or other forum signature abd replace the XXXXX with your PID number (given to you when you signed up at Cafepress).
I Love (Heart) T-Shirts   <a href="http://www.cafepress.com/iheartshirt?pid=XXXXX" title="I Love (Heart) T-Shirts ">Love T-shirts </a>


Banners are available in a few sizes: small (80x15 pixels), medium (120x60 pixels), and large (468x60 pixels, standard banner size.) To use a specific banner, copy and paste the corresponding code (below) on your webpage, or in your weblog, etc., making sure you replace the XXXXX with your PID number.

#1 - 120x60 Banner:
<a href="http://www.cafepress.com/iheartshirt?pid=XXXXX"><img src="http://www.iheartshirt.com/images/banner2.gif" border="0" alt="I Love (Heart) Shirts and Stickers"></a>

#2 - 468x60 Banner:
<a href="http://www.cafepress.com/iheartshirt?pid=XXXXX"><img src="http://www.iheartshirt.com/images/banner1.gif" border="0" alt="I Love (Heart) Shirts and Stickers"></a>

#3 Animated Type in Banner!! Very cool

4. Another Cool Animated Type in Banner


Product Links (Text and Image)

You can also link directly to specific products. Just make sure that you have in another browser window open that is the product page you want to sell.

Relevant Information:

1. Affiliate PID Number. This is the number that you received from CafePress when you signed up as an affiliate.

2. Shop ID & Product Number.
When you have an individual product page from one of our stores showing in your browser, the end of the link in your location bar will look like this: /storeid.productnumber, such as /iheartshirt.2566859. In this example the shop ids are 'iheartshirt' and the product number is '2566859'.

This form makes a product link code in plain text as well as a product link code that uses a 150x150 pixel product image - you can copy and paste these links into your own website. Please fill in all of the fields in the form below to get the proper codes for both the product image link and the text link:

Your Affiliate PID:
Shop ID:
Product Number:
Last Digit in Product # above:
Enter 'F' to show the front of the product or 'B' for the back/inside:
(Most of our products will use an 'F' in this field.)

Enter the brief, descriptive text to use for the text link:

(When you click the 'create the code' button a popup window will
appear with the linking codes/instructions.)


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